I honestly don’t even know where to begin.

Cliché, I know.

Trying to adequately sum up the culmination of some of the most transformative and amazing 12 weeks of your life in a few paragraphs is nearly impossible, but I’ll give it a shot. This is a long post, but c’mon…it’s my first half marathon! Read the rest of this entry

I always hope that the last week or two before a race will be tranquil.

I have visions of heading into a race feeling fully rested, relaxed, hydrated, and confident.

How many times has that happened?


Ironically enough, I wound up having my worst race ever (the Run For Justice) when I headed into a race feeling great about everything. I do recall that my foot did hurt a bit the day before that run, but I do remember heading into the race feeling well-rested, stress-free, and excited.

If history repeats itself, then I’m shaping up to have a fantastic half marathon on Sunday at the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, because last week was a heckuva week! Read the rest of this entry

Tremont Farmer’s Market!

One of the best things about living in Tremont is the Tremont Farmer’s Market, which occurs every Tuesday evening in Lincoln Park from May-October. Last fall, when I had an epic day of classes from 9:30AM-4:00PM, our weekly trips to the Farmer’s Market made for a relaxing end to the day. This year, our weekly trips to the Farmer’s Market have been a welcome study break for me and a great opportunity to give Mr. Butters a walk.

Of course, the wonderful food and produce is the main reason that we attend the Farmer’s Market. We enjoy giving our money directly to Ohio’s great farming community, and the freshness of the produce makes Sheila’s already delicious food taste even better!

Our visits have given us the opportunity to purchase all sorts of interesting and unique foods. My favorite has been the kale chips! Mama Pea over at Peas and Thank You has put up several recipes for kale chips, and when I finally saw kale chips for sale, I was thrilled. Except for the homemade chips at B Spot, I could seriously never eat another potato chip again if kale chips were as plentiful and easily available as potato chips. Perhaps I will try making my own! They’re better for me and more delicious too…and to quote Rachael Ray, “I like to eat better…so I can eat more!”

Yesterday, the weather was steamy and hot, and both Sheila and I were looking for a drink. Much to our delight, one of the vendors who sells unique beverages attended the Farmer’s Market today! He offered both Watermelon Jalapeno Juice and Grapefruit Mint Juice. Tough decision, if you ask me! We finally went with Watermelon Jalapeno, which was very refreshing…I don’t think it lasted more than 5 minutes. I tried to take a picture of it but Butters hopped in front of the glass, probably because he wanted to enjoy it too!


We’ve had some interesting times with Butters at the Farmer’s Market. Since he was snatched right off of Broadway Avenue by the local dog catcher, we have no idea if he grew up with other dogs or had bad experiences with other dogs prior to his arrival in our home. Unfortunately, his experiences with other dogs at the Farmer’s Market haven’t been very pleasant; he usually winds up barking at them and pulling the leash towards them, which makes walking with a full pint of blueberries or chatting with the vendors a real challenge!

Much to our delight, today was different! Maybe it was because he spent a few days with my cousin’s Golden Retriever last week while I was taking the Ohio Bar Exam, or maybe it was because he knows I’d like to get another dog and wants to show us that he can get along with other dogs. Whatever the reason, Butters was very friendly and accommodating to every other dog at the Farmer’s Market today! I was so proud of him that I let him beat me at checkers…and you all know how much I hate losing.

If you’re in the Cleveland area and you’d like to join us at the Tremont Farmer’s Market, let us know!