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Adopt A Forever Friend Today!

Every week, my mom sends us a letter containing newspaper comics that she has found interesting over the past few days and updates about what’s going on with her life.

Many times, these comics are humorous and often involve lawyers behaving badly or dogs doing endearing things.

Last week, though, was a different story. As we were processing the mail that had accumulated while we were visiting Sheila’s family in DC, Sheila came across the following comic and had to put it down because she was about to start crying:


Shortly thereafter, I read the same comic and I actually did tear up a bit.

Most of you who have read this blog already know that the real star of the blog is our pup Butters. Read the rest of this entry

Please Vote for Butters!

Life’s been crazy around these parts lately. We’ve had some good crazy, some bad crazy, and some in-between crazy.

We’ve had all sorts of fun times in and around Cleveland with fellow Yelp Elite members and Twitter folks…we lost power for over a day…I’m preparing for a Madden 2012 tournament tonight at the Steelyard Commons Walmart…and we just had our first-ever trial this morning.

I haven’t had the chance to do any sports blogging and the stupid power outage also meant that I missed the Browns vs. Eagles game on Thursday night.

However, before I take the time to whine about the outdated nature of our power grid or put up all sorts of pics from the fun that we had with social media folks, I’d like to take the time to ask for your vote.

(No, I’m not running for office…at least not yet.)

Instead, Butters is in the running to be the next Greenies Healthy Smile Star!

I can't wait to have my name in lights!


Butters has had quite the journey over the past year. He was pulled off of Broadway Avenue in Cleveland by the dog catcher and then taken to the Cleveland City Kennel, a place which is only slightly better than most jails. From there, he was taken to the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter, and we were lucky enough to stop by on the first day on which he was there.

I'm so cute, I knew I'd only be here for a day!

Winning the Greenies Healthy Smile Star competition would be a great way to end his first year in the Fell household, wouldn’t it? I think so.

You better vote for me or I will hunt you down!

You can vote once per day…so please vote once per day! (Click here to vote!) Thanks!