The organizers of the 2014 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon have been busy!

Anyone who’s ever done any running knows that running 6.2 miles is an accomplishment. (Heck, for those who are new to running, running even 1 mile is something to celebrate! I’ll never forget the day when I ran my first mile.) The organizers of the 2014 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon have recognized this and have created a great new medal for all 10K finishers in this year’s event!


Love the spinning guitar! (Source: 2014 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Facebook page)

Like the medal but haven’t yet signed up for the 10K? If you sign up using the code RUNCLE10K before February 1, you’ll save $5 on registration! 

I don’t know about you, but whenever I save $5 on anything, my first thought is, “What footlong am I going to get at Subway with this money?” If you’re interested in running the 10K, sign up today and take that extra money to Subway or your post-training run eatery of your choice and enjoy something delicious after a great training run!

Another exciting announcement came this week as the race organizers announced that major changes would be made to the course. The marathon course will now go through some of Cleveland’s west side suburbs before heading back through Cleveland for the finish. The second half of the course will no longer go through areas east of downtown Cleveland. I haven’t yet run the full marathon, but I am confident that this will be a very positive development based on the thoughts that past runners have shared with me about previous marathon courses.

The official course will be announced soon, so stay tuned. Once the new course is posted, I’ll share my thoughts about good running strategies for each part of the half marathon course. I can’t wait to start training!

Disclosure: I am serving as an Official Blogger for the 2014 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. As part of this role, I receive a free race entry to the race of my choice and a bunch of other goodies. However, all thoughts are my own. If these thoughts were someone else’s thoughts, would they really be as long-winded? Doubtful.