Apologies for the lack of posts lately…it’s been a rough week on several fronts. Sickness, bad weather, the winter “blahs”, a packed schedule, and other crap pretty much made this past week a week to forget.

Last week ended on a relatively positive note, I suppose. I’m not a big believer in relying heavily on the weather forecast when making plans because the weather in Cleveland changes so rapidly. However, when I saw a beautiful Saturday sandwiched in between a stretch of rainy weather and cold, snowy weather, I knew that I had to plan to work in a long run on Saturday.

The weather proved to be as good as advertised on Saturday, and I tore off a great 5.5 mile run on Saturday around sunset. Although I was a bit overdressed for much of the run, I felt great throughout the run and I figure that learning how to run successfully in less-than-perfect conditions is good practice for the future. The beautiful views of the Cleveland skyline during sunset made for great running as I traversed the Abbey Road Bridge and ran along the northern edge of Tremont.

I’ve lived here almost 32 years and have seen the skyline thousands of times, but seeing Cleveland’s skyline at sunset still makes my heart race with excitement. I love living here!

Best of all, my feet were totally pain-free until the very end of the run and I woke up with absolutely no pain on Sunday!

Perhaps the pain in my feet simply migrated elsewhere in my body, because I woke up on Sunday feeling completely awful. I’m not sure if I had the flu or just developed a sore throat because of a dry house, but in any case I spent much of Sunday with a sore throat and congested head. This was a shame, as my illness sapped my energy on what I had hoped would be a great day of watching playoff football and enjoying dinner and board games with new friends.

Anyone ever play Ticket to Ride? Fortunately, my blahs didn’t keep me from learning how to play this very enjoyable and fun game. Can’t wait to play it again!

My symptoms lasted all week long, and despite getting a great deal of sleep every night I felt completely exhausted every day. I feel better now, but I’m grateful that I have another weekend ahead of me to rest.

Needless to say, I haven’t done much exercise at all for a week. Selfishly, I’m grateful that the weather outside has been bad, because I know I’d feel worse if I sat inside blowing my nose like a foghorn and pushing fluids while I watched parades of runners stride proudly up and down my street. (I picked a great week to get sick, I suppose!) In a futile attempt to motivate myself, I went out and bought a kettlebell (on sale!) in the hopes that having a workout at arm’s reach would inspire me. Nope. I even took a detour after doing some legal work downtown on Thursday and swung by Cleveland Browns Stadium in the hopes that seeing the starting and ending spot of the Cleveland Marathon would pump me up. That didn’t work either.

I can’t tell if the funk in which I’ve been over this past week is due to a lack of exercise or if a lack of exercise has put me in a funk—I guess it’s like the question about the chicken and the egg—but I am definitely looking forward to next week. With my health on the rebound, a less-packed work schedule, and temperatures slated to be above freezing, I feel like I’m poised for a great week of running. My plan is to do one indoor run on Monday, one indoor run on Wednesday, and a long outdoor run on Saturday. Here’s hoping!