For those of you who found my blog through the Cleveland Marathon site, welcome! Here’s a little bit of background of my history as a blogger. There’s much more about me and the rest of my family on the “About Us” page though!

I’ve blogged off and on since 1999. When I arrived on campus at Case and was constantly in wonderment at the marvels of high-speed Internet in one’s dorm room, I noticed that many of my friends had web pages on which they wrote their thoughts for the world to see. As one who always has much to say, I figured that I should join in too. Using an FTP program and a Microsoft Word document saved in .html format, I took the plunge and became a blogger.

As time has gone on, my interest in blogging has fluctuated as the blogging world has changed. Back in the old days, I would write paragraphs upon paragraphs of angst-filled text about being single and all sorts of other topics. The vast majority of my entries were written in this horribly pretentious style in which I didn’t capitalize anything because I wanted to be artistic or something. Pictures were as rare as four-leaf clovers, and I had to rig up my own comment system together using a HaloScan platform and a lot of digital duct tape.

Obviously, anyone who blogs or reads blogs knows that the blogging world has changed dramatically since the old days. As I’ve attempted to successfully rejoin the blogging world, I’ve often felt like an old retread struggling to change with the times. I’ve spent hours stumbling around WordPress trying to learn how to insert pictures and writing concise yet engaging text in a manner that still incorporates the genuine-sounding “blogging voice” that I developed in my dorm room way back in the 20th century. I spend far too much time on well-known blogs in amazement of their seemingly effortless ability to receive dozens of comments on just about everything they post and to add all sorts of bells and whistles to their sites without encountering the slightest technical issues.

Evidently somebody somewhere thinks this blog is worthwhile, though, because I have been selected to be an Official Blogger for the 2013 Cleveland Marathon!At the risk of incurring yet another running-related injury as I pat myself on the back, I have always thought that my story had the potential to be pretty inspiring to those who may struggle with weight and fitness issues. Throughout the past year, I’ve lost a sizable amount of weight through a dramatic shift in attitude about healthy living and transformed from a person who hated running and scoffed at runners into a person who dreams of marathons. However, I figured that stories like mine were pretty common and assumed that there were plenty of others out there with fancier blogs who would have been selected. When I frantically submitted my entry approximately 16 minutes before it was due, I thought I might have a decent chance of being picked…but only if those selecting the winners had the patience to wade through my chapter-like blog entries!

I tried not to get my hopes up, and when I didn’t get an email about this for most of the day on December 11th, I figured I hadn’t been chosen and decided to give up the ghost around 3:30PM. My disappointment was tempered by the fact that I suddenly realized that I lost my keys right before I needed to lead a big event at work. As I was in the midst of frantically attempting to find these keys and figuring out how I’d explain to my parents that I had the right to lose their keys during my thirties because I never lost my house keys when I was a teenager, I received an email that notified me that I had been selected! In case you’re wondering, I found my keys shortly thereafter.

I hope you’ll come back often and join me as I train for and prepare to conquer the half marathon on the streets of what I believe is the best city in America. Except for a few parking-ticket filled years in Cleveland Heights, I’ve lived in Cleveland for my entire life, and I love everything about this city. I don’t know if I will stride proudly or crawl doggedly across the finish line on May 19th, but I do know that there isn’t anywhere else in the world that I’d rather be as I’m taking the biggest step yet on my journey to health and fitness!