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Pinterest Crafts, Part 2

Three posts in a week! The Fells are officially on a blogging streak. I feel a little silly posting my Pinterest wall art projects, especially since I received some amazing gifts of art this weekend from Julia Kuo! I’m not sure where to put them just yet, but I can’t stop staring at them! Aren’t they stunning?

Two of Julia's pieces

Anyway, here goes – I’ll start with canvas wall art, and I’ll finish up this series with our wall art made with other mediums.

This wall art, inspired by Hey Now, Whoa Now!, was made by simply cutting, laying out, and modge-podging fabric scraps to canvas. It was a little time consuming, but very straightforward and easily customizable!

This next piece came from an idea at Two Girls Being Crafty, which was an at-home version of a Cost Plus World Market painting.

…I absolutely love going to World Market, but as Joe loves to point out, we’ve had more than one unsuccessful purchase there, including flavored coffee that wasn’t so flavorful and pillows with pom-pom fringe that immediately de-pommed themselves. We’re still finding poms in our couch cushions. Even Butters has no interest in those…

Butters laying atop one of our de-pommed pillows

Anyway, here’s our final ‘traditional’ piece of wall art. It’s also inspired by Two Girls Being Crafty and it’s made by with paint chips (you know, those samples found at home hardware stores? I always feel slightly guilty ‘stealing’ them without an intention to paint…). I just cut them in equal sizes using a homemade stencil, laid them out, and modge podged them onto a canvas. I won’t lie – it’s pretty tough to keep these little babies from flipping and tossing themselves all over the place. It’s a project that certainly requires some patience!

The next post will include our final wall art pieces – including mirror frames, bottle and plate displays, wine cork coasters, and even a wall hanging made from a doormat!

Would anyone be interested in seeing a step-by-step crafting post?


Pinterest Crafts!

By now, it seems that just about everyone know about Pinterest or has an account. Thanks to an early invite, I’ve been pinning since early Fall, and I’ve been loving every minute of it! I’ve made everything from handmade art to liquid soap to pillows to tofu pie!

I’ve included some of my successful crafts below, along with their source and/or “pinspiration” link. Pinterest has really helped me to get in touch with my creative side, and it’s been great to engage in a fun and productive hobby while using and reusing things lying around the house.

Looking through my photos, I’ve noticed that I have enough to make this into a little series! Most of my crafts have been wall art, so this first post will be the other crafts I’ve completed that are photo-friendly (I’m sure you don’t want to see my homemade soap!)

I apologize in advance for the poor photo quality – I took most of these photos on my phone!

Yarn & Felt Wreath

This wreath was inspired by the many yarn & felt wreaths featured on Tip Junkie! I purchased a dollar store wreath, yarn, and a couple small pieces of felt ($.25 at Hobby Lobby!). I simply wrapped the yarn around the wreath, cut and rolled the felt into flowers, and hot-glued the flowers onto the wreath. Simple!

Recycled Sweater Pillows

These were inspired by a tutorial at Brassy Apple. I took a couple old sweaters with moth holes and cut them to size to fit around some dollar store pillows. I was a tad lazy and didn’t sew – I just hot glued the seams together and made some simple flowers from the scraps.

Popcorn Tin Dog Food Container

This wrapped popcorn tin dog food container was inspired by Momtastic’s tutorial. The material is actually vinyl and was purchased for around $2, and there was enough to cover both our nightstands as well (below)! I simply wrapped and glued it to a popcorn tin and added a little name tag on the front. This is a great way to keep your pup’s food fresh and away from vermin!

Upholstered Nightstand

Recognize the fabric on this nightstand? It’s the same fabric from the dog tin! We purchased these end tables from Target several years ago for around $10-15 and I had painted them with a monogram. I was really unsatisfied with the look, so I was glad to be inspired by this tutorial at Shelterhub! I carefully cut the fabric to size, used modge podge to seal it on, and sprayed a clear gloss varnish over the tables. Because the material is vinyl, it’s quite simple to clean! I love the result.

More crafts to come!

Over the past few weeks, people have been wondering if The Frolicking Fells are still frolicking.

I’m not sure if the word “frolicking” is the best term to use, given the amount of activity that’s been going on in our lives since the last update in October. Perhaps “frenzied” or “frenetic” is a more apt description of our lives over the past few months? We’ve had a very busy few months!

In any case, all three of us are still alive and well. The reason for the lack of inactivity on the blog isn’t due to tragedy or a lack of interest in writing, but rather due to a straight up lack of time. I love writing, and now that law school is finally over, I now have the free time to engage in some freelance sports journalism. This past fall, I wrote regularly about the Cleveland Browns for Football Nation. Once college basketball season tipped off, I covered the Cleveland State Vikings for Hoopville. I couldn’t get into the games for free anymore because I graduated, so the media pass was a blessing! If I had maintained a regular blogging schedule on here as well, I would literally been writing from the moment I got home from work until bedtime. That wouldn’t leave much time for frolicking, now would it?

Anyhow, life’s been great in many ways, although we’ve had some really challenging and difficult things going on too. Rest assured, I’m not being intentionally vague here, and many of the difficulties will be elaborated upon in future posts. All in all, though, God has been very good to us, and we are very blessed.

Much has happened since our last update! Here’s a quick breakdown:


–Passed the Ohio Bar and was admitted to practice law in Ohio

–Handled his first-ever cases in court!

–Lost almost 20 pounds! (There will be a whole post on this.)

–Was hired as an Adjunct Faculty member of the Cuyahoga Community Department of Paralegal Studies and taught Probate Law

–Worked as the Interim Director of the Scranton Road Ministries CDC Youth Jobs Partnership Program

–Got baptized!



–Planned a highly successful benefit for Scranton Road Ministries CDC

–Began developing and planning a new, innovative, and exciting nonprofit legal clinic from scratch

–Discovered her love of making crafts and has filled every room of The Lovenest with beautiful handmade art

–Spent a month eating a vegetarian diet and learned how to cook a variety of main dishes and desserts (yes, you read that right) with tofu

–Read the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy



–Learned how to get along with other dogs at the local dog park

–Conquered his gluten allergy (for the most part) and has been relatively healthy over the past few months


We’ve also gone on a few trips, including a much-needed cruise in March, a quick trip to Amish Country in November (thanks to your votes!), and a few trips to visit Sheila’s family in the DC area.


Now that football and basketball are on hiatus for the summer, hopefully we’ll have more time to post. Thanks for your interest in us, and we hope that your summers are starting off well!